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FIFA 17: FUT Cards

Would anyone miss these if they were just removed from the game? I am a weirdo and only want to own “fresh” cards in my team, so every player I have has 0 games played for any other owner, this makes special cards a challenge for me since I either pick them up the week they drop if I have fifa 17 ps3 coins or I pray that someone will have been holding onto one and then I overpay somewhere between 20-50% to get a “fresh” copy of an older card (example I just picked up a “fresh” 85 FIF Lacazette for 100k which went for 71k BIN on XB1 at the time of my purchase.).

My question is would anyone care if the number of previous owners and the previous owner stats were removed entirely from the game? I see no tangible reason or advantage to them being there other than the psychological effect it has on people like me who want “fresh” cards, but this of course wouldn’t exist if EA were to simply no longer report these unnecessary stats from previous owners and only shows the stats a card accrues whilst playing for it’s current owners club.

I was thinking that the only downside to this would be people who love First Owner cards (I myself would prefer this of course but don’t have the money to spend trying to pack every card I want.) and as I can understand that collectible status itch needing to be scratched there’s no reason we couldn’t keep that in the game just instead of it reading “Number of Owners” then displaying a value it would just be a “First Owner” field and display a star or check mar, or just be greyed out or visible depending on if the card was pack pulled or not.

Would there be any downside to this? Just showing player stats from the time you own the card and eliminating “fresh” cards, only having pack pulls or not pack pulled. How does the community feel about this? I for one would be in favor as I could forgo my neurosis and play with a lot more players techincally in my budget if I could get over their special cards not being “fresh”.


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